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Window Tint


We can customize your car's look with window tint film from ASWF.


While window tinting offers the obvious perk of making your car look cool(er), it also adds several advantages most people are unaware of:


Window tinting will effectively:

  • Block UV Rays - even the lowest tint level will block out most of the sun's harmful UV rays (up to 99%), protecting you and those who travel with you in the process;
  • Reduce heat build-up - by preventing up to 70% of the sun's solar energy to enter and heat up your car's interior, not only will you feel cooler in the hot summer months - you will also depend less on your AC and therefore reduce fuel consumption;
  • Prevent theft - while leaving valuable items inside your car is strongly advised against, should you ever happen to do so - either mistakenly or intentionally - window tint film adds an extra layer of protection by reducing visibility from the outside and effectively 'hiding' your valuable items from inquisitive eyes.


A variety of tint levels are available - from subtle to very dark - allowing you to determine exactly how your windows should look.


ASWF Window Tint levels


Contact us for more information.