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How To Reach Us



We are professional, 3M-trained vinyl wrap installers and pride ourselves in using only the highest quality vinyl wrap film available in the world, combined with the proper and proven application techniques, methods, knowledge and attention to detail in order to offer you - our valued customer - a finished product that not only looks good but will also survive the intended duration of its life - failure free!

There is only one way to accomplish a quality wrap but there are countless ways to produce a bad one. Our amateur competitors often lack the knowledge and expertise required to avoid undesired results.



We have yet to meet a person who refuses to get the most for his/her hard earned money. Until we do, our prices reflect today's reality and are intended to keep your wallet happy while keeping us in business.


Although we will never be able to compete with our amateur "friends" who shamelessly advertise their wrap services at unbelievably low rates (for reasons listed above), we do believe that we are amongst the most competitive professional wrap installers in the Montreal area.



Piece Of Mind


Did I choose the right color(s)?

Is it going to look good?

Have I selected the right company for my project?

Is my car/van/suv/truck/trailer in good hands?

Will I be happy with the end-result?

Did I get a good deal?


These are all valid questions to which our only answer is a resounding YES!

Our #1 concern is your satisfaction - both before starting a wrap project and upon its completion. An unhappy customer means bad publicity for us - and we don't want that. Therefor, we encourage you to ask all the questions you can think of before making an informed decision.



Do you have any questions in need of answers? Ask away by telephone (514) 570-7300 or by e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.