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Vehicle Graphics and Signage


Fleet vehicle graphics - or Car Wraps for commercial or advertising reasons - is the single most cost-effective advertising tool available to all businesses.


Take a look at the table below for a quick comparison between the CPM of different media advertising methods.


Media Asset-Value Comparison
Advertising medium Cost per thousand (CPM)* Cost of Equivalent DEC
Television $23.70 $1,445,700
Magazine $21.46 $1,309,060
Newspaper $19.70 $1,201,700
Prime-time television $18.15 $1,107,150
Radio $7.75 $472,750
Outdoor $3.56 $217,160
Fleet graphics/Commercial Wrap
(average, annualized)**
$0.48 $30,000
* Based on 61 million Prime DEC annually; average of top 40 media markets from Media Buyers Guide.
** Based on a three-month 3M study in San Francisco.


Businesses of all sizes are increasingly turning to vehicle wrap advertising to get their message out. By wrapping cars, vans, trucks, and boats, their messages are being seen by thousands of potential customers. According to a recent market statistic: one vehicle wrap can generate between 30,000 - 70,000 impressions daily! Printed graphics vinyl wrap wrap can be installed on cars, trucks, buses, trailers, boats, airplanes, etc. The effectiveness of a graphics wrap generates an unparalleled marketing impact.


Did you know that 91% of people notice words and pictures when displayed on trucks? Your marketing impact is even further magnified with the implementation of a fleet wrap, utilizing all the vehicles in your fleet. Did you know that metro trucks are seen by 14 million sets of eyes each year! (according to American Trucking Association) With a single vehicle graphics wrap, you'll generate more marketing exposure over a longer period than with one costly billboard advertising campaign.


Turn YOUR car, truck, trailer or even the entire fleet into mobile billboards for millions of marketing impressions annually.


montreal commercial wrap

truck2 truck4


Does your business own or utilize a box-trailer? If it's bare, it goes unnoticed.


trailer_before trailer_after